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       The children's coloring pages and other printables found on this blog are free to use only if you use them within particular boundaries. What this means is that coloring pages here may be colored freely by non-for-profit organizations, educators, teachers aids, tutors, childcare providers, hospitals,  orphanages, social services, retirement centers, medical offices, classrooms, churches and by parents printing them out for their children at home to color (worldwide). Freeware does not mean absolutely free.
       Do not use the blog entries or coloring pages for re-publishing/publications that promote hate speech, pornography, gambling, or any other unlawful activities. It is unethical to republish content in order to drive traffic onto pages that promote criminal activity. All jpgs./pngs are copyrighted by the Kathy Rice Grimm. Do not burn the graphics to a CD collection, nor include them in any other online collection of clip art/ coloring pages. If our patrons should ever see these coloring sheets or read our articles on those pages that promote the trafficking of slaves, pornography, gambling, or the promotion of ‘hate’ speech please inform our staff immediately!
       Do not hotlink to the images. If you are in children's publications on the web and would like to include an image within the context of an article, write me and ask. Hotlinking is bandwidth theft! It is illegal to hotlink to a copyrighted image unless you have either paid for it or have special permission to do so.
       Do not use the content of this blog for third party profits. In other words, do not upload it into your own web collections and then advertise next to the content for your own profit. 
       All of the image content on my web pages is now designated as copyrighted material, unless otherwise stated, by a content management service in order to successfully prosecute copyright violations and identity theft on the web. For further inquiry you may write the staff at pickandprintgallery@yahoo.com
Where do the materials come from and how may these be used? 
      Some of the primer pages are original materials by me and these are copyrighted. Make sure that you know what is what before presuming it to be public domain resource. All of the coloring pages, worksheets, puzzles, cartoons and illustrated poems are either cleaned and restored here or are created entirely by myself or my family members.
      Educators may print hardcopy for classroom use freely from those copyrighted materials designed by me here. Google also sometimes uses our photos to link to our site through images or by maintaining web history through their archive.org searches. By submitting our content to Google we agree with the practice, however, this does not mean that we have similar agreements with webmasters who claim to have search pages that do not provide a direct link to our blog with every image or post listed. Search pages at pinterest do provide direct image linking to our blog, so this search software is a good example of a company software using a correct and ethical linking practice, however, do not link my free content here to advertising for third party profits now offered by pinterest.
      The videos posted on this blog belong to their prospective owners and are not in the public domain! These videos are provided by the youtube services freely in order to promote viral searches that are related under the category of education on this blog. When you upload a video at youtube, you agree to this practice. 
      Blogger has added a simple safety feature to their layout. When designing your blog, simply press the "off" button under Navbar and visitors to your blog will not be able to leap onto randomly selected blogs from your journals.

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