Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Le Petite Pâtisserie Coloring Index

       Coloring sheets representing all kinds of sweet confections baked fresh daily at our Petite Pâtisserie! Why not cut, color and decorate this collection to craft a fun pastry shop to play with?

Coloring Pages of Fresh Baked Breads:
  1. Sliced Oat Bran Bread for Coloring  
  2. Muffins Baked Fresh for Coloring!
Coloring Pages of Cookies:
  1. "B is for baking cookies" alphabet coloring page
  2. "G is for gingerbread" alphabet coloring page
  3. Gingerbread Girl and Boy Coloring Pages 
Coloring Pages of Pies:
  1. Color this chef baking an apple pie 
Coloring Pages of Cakes/Pastry:
  1. Color sweet little strawberry shortcakes...
  2. Color fresh sliced peach shortcakes...
  3. Color these spiral meringue towers...  
  4. Tiny Rose Tartlets for You To Color
  5. Color my Elmo crayon cake 
  6. "Happy Birthday" alphabet coloring pages
  7. Cut Cake Coloring page 
  8. Color a scrumptious ice cream cone cake!
  9. Baking a cake for dolly 
  10. Color a King's Cake for Mardi Gras
Coloring Pages of Specialty Desserts:
  1. Miniature gelatin desserts for coloring
DIY Cardboard Box Bakery!

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