Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Color, Cut & Assemble A Car Mat

       A car mat is similar to a road rug with one exception only, it is generally made with paper, canvas or vinyl materials. Here I will index coloring sheets of buildings, roads, people and all kinds of images that your little ones may print out, color in, and paste down to a larger sheet of butcher paper in order to craft their very own road mats. Buildings may be scaled to sizes appropriate for hot wheels cars and/or matchbox cars. (Both made by Mattel)
       All coloring pages are drawn by Kathy Grimm and may also be used as patterns for quilting or crafting a textile road rug. However, these designs are for personal, nonprofit use only. Do not include the actual patterns in any other online collections of coloring pages, patterns, or clip art.
  1. Three 1950s building designs perfect for car mat play!
  2. Draw playground equipment for car mats...
  3. A scout treehouse for coloring and a teepee 
  4. Three cottages for coloring and Color in these country cottages...
  5. Color this house with a front porch
  6. A simple log cabin
DIY Custom Play Mat.

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