Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Five Little Angels Mini Book

Cover for "Five Little Angels"
   Make your very own picture book of "Five Little Angels." Print, assemble and then color these pages using all of your favorite colors. The pages are large enough to print as regular 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch coloring pages. But you could also make a mini book for little ones in your home, early education center or classroom.
   To make a mini book simply open a Word Doc. and drag the pictures in order onto the pages. Make sure that you alter the margins in order to make the pages half size. You should be able to fit two images side by side on the horizontal page view. Print the five story pages side by side. Print the cover page above separately. Once you drag it into a Word Doc. Change the page set up to horizontal as well and move the image to the far right with your space bar or by altering the margins. Print this image first and fold the page in half. 
   Now fold your inside pages in half and hold them together in order. Slip these pages between the folded cover sheet and staple them all together on the edge. Take a stick of tacky glue and apply a bit of it between the blank pages so that the book reads without any blank pages. Crop the books pages to the same size.
Five little angels singing on high;
Five little angels drop from the sky.
The first to blow the fire ran;

The second then put on the pan;

The third poured in the porridge nice;

The fourth put in the salt and spice;

The fifth then brought it in a plate,
And, smiling, said to little Kate:
Your supper's very hot, I fear;
Be careful not to burn you, dear!

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